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105 - Pythias Cemetery - Colorado

City: Central City / Gilpin County
Driving: Highway travel, dirt roads in to Cemetery
Permissions : Open to public.  Do not enter if gate closed. You can do your thing around the property lines
The Story
A few internet rumors and legends surrounded this one back in the day.  Supposedly shadow people roamed that cemetery, and the Knights of Pythias rose to ready for the future.  Central City itself is covered in history and some of the most notable people of the area are buried here. Aside from it being a very old and nice cemetery, this place is also one of the most beautiful. Being up in the center of trees, and out of the way of roads, it's completely dark and quiet.
The Data
Temperature readers reported ups and down's varying by almost a good 50 degrees in a few areas.  EMF spiked it's highest at around 1500.  A few of the psychic based investigators logged that they felt what they thought were 'left over' emotions 
The Images 
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The Conclusion
Possibly haunted, but also more likely residual energies.  We classified this place as not actively haunted.
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