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107 - Pillar of Fire - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  They are, quite frankly, sick of investigators from what I hear
City: Westminster
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Lawn, grass and grounds open to public as long as you are respectful. Do not attempt to enter building without permission
The Story
Great history with this good old building.  The Pillar of Fire is a Christian church with its headquarters in Denver, CO. It was established by a woman named Alma White (known to followers as Bishop Alma White) in 1901 but it was named the Pentecostal Union originally. Following a separation from her husband who began a different pentecostal revival in the area, she renamed the church the "Pillar of Fire".

The rumor was that a murder took place here, but no historical or archival records reflect any truth to that.  No matter how true a murder may be or not, apparitions and hauntings are widely reported at this place.

The Investigation
Normal readings throughout the night recorded at around 300 - 600 in various locations during the walk around an inside the building.  But the EMF did spike up several times to 2219 at one point, and another at 3298.  It was snowy ground the night we investigated, so our temperature data was too unreliable to really make note of.  Investigators logged that they felt followed throughout, one actually leaving to rush back to her car in fear.

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
After a night of investigators getting freaked out, Drea turned to say "Look we meant no harm by coming here, sorry if we bugged ya ghosties".  Here was the reply to that.
The Conclusion
Unanimously calling this place haunted, and unfriendly.  I don't recommend anyone go there with negative intentions