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114 - Lafeyette Cemetery - The Vampire Grave

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status :  Always open!
Location Status:  Still there and many investigators now love that spot
City: Lafayette, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: No visible gates that close, but local police do patrol to make sure no mischief is happening in there.  
The Story
Boy are we every happy we found this place. The first to investigate here, it's produced so much and given so many people a good scare, that it's quickly becoming a standard for Colorado Paranormal these days. When I came upon a random tidbit about a vampire here, I wasn't expecting this much. Here's some history and legend for you all.

The Story: A vampire was buried here. Local kids grow up daring each other to stand near the grave ... many have 'reported' seeing the vampire. Tall and thin, black coat, dark hair, and long long fingernails. The tree that grows from the middle of his grave (right where the heart would be) has grown from the stake that killed him, and the tree takes root in order to stop him from rising from his grave. The sinister blood red thorny rose bushes are supposedly his long fingernails growing - even after death. That's the story that was told to us.

Research on this cemetary and this 'vampire' revealed alot, actually. The cemetery was the 'paupers' graveyard. For the poor, diseased, or unloved were buried. The plot of ground was purchased by Fodor Glava, but no records indicate who was actually buried there, Fodor or someone else. The headstone reads: 

Fodor Glava
Born in Transylvania
Died December 1918

Along with the word 'trandofir', the Romanian/Transylvanian word for rose. Considering all the roses around him, it makes sense to see that word on there. It is assumed that he was an immigrant worker, probably a farm laborer or miner, who met his fate in Lafayette. December 1918 was at the height of a very serious and deadly influenza epidemic that had the whole town quarantined. Many people died during that time, and Glava may have been one of those poor people. 

First of all, it's the only stone in the old paupers graveyard, although dozens of other destitute people are buried there. Someone wanted the world to know that he was there, or that he took part in who ever IS there. Also, the writing on the plain cement slab is shakey and crude, like it was scratched in haste in the cement with a stick. But the writing IS literate. 

(From various Newspaper clippings; With thanks to Gail for finding these!)
"Several years ago, we found a doll with a pin stuck through it's heart that someone had placed on the grave," said former police chief, "I read it was a voodoo tradition to prevent the buried person from rising out of the grave"
"___(name withheld)__, who has set the headstones at the cemetery for 30 years at the cemetery, "I go along with the kids. Go up there at midnight and you'll see the vampire sitting right on top of the stone"
"According to the local police, people walking through alone get beaten up. When they show up, there is no one around, and the footprints lead back to that grave" (note from me --- all around the grave is grass, old and unkempt. I cannot see how footprints could be there.)

​We accidentally became minions of the 'vampire' during one of our trips there.  Funny story actually!  Ask Drea about it one day ... but ya, just a hint, don't point your flashlights right at the kids daring each other to ride through while a guest investigator goes full retard and shouts to them "Hey kids wanna see an open grave"  ... just sayin'  >.>  And especially don't laugh yourself silly when listening back to all the recordings cause you can actually hear the bike tires squealing as those poor kids did full on escape bike riding to get away. 

The Investigation
If Mr. Glava is truly the body under the stone, then he was no vampire! Unless he's one of those really nice, never bites anyone, kind of vampires. We all got a sense of sadness and slight annoyance though. As if the spirit who's body is actually under there is a bit peeved at the assumption that he/she is a vampire. While we were walking about doing the photography, a girl on the sidewalk went past and almost passed out at a camera flash. The danger of scaring someone while investigating this one is high. The vampire rumors are just too much and plentiful there, and it's right off the street where alot of people can see the dark trees and stones, until your flash goes off, and then they pass out.

The temp of the Glava stone was 47, and other temps in differing locations around the whole cemetery ranged from 32 - 60. Just up and down up and down. Entertaining stuff! We've made so many trips to this place that we feel completely at home here. During a different visit to this site, temps around the Glava stone ranged from -13 all the way up to 102 degrees. So yup, something going on in there.

EMF ranged from zeros to maxes and never really stayed at one reading or another the whole time, so good luck getting a decent base reading for comparison. Even in the daytime, EMF went too nutty. 

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
The famous "You want my stake?" Question. Recorded as Drea was asking outloud, "Are you really a vampire or is there just a lot of rumors about you?". 
Asked out loud if there were any spirits that wanted to talk, and the response was "We're Here"
The Happy Ghost?
The Orgasmic ghost ... um ... this one is WAY too happy!
The Conclusion
I don't believe he was really a vampire. I do think though, that there is something slightly naughty in there, and a bit on the 'evil' side. The calm feelings around the stone were interrupted a few times by something passing by with a really bad feeling that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Something/someone in there really liked playing off the old 'vampire' rumor. A voice on our tape recorded someone sneering "You want my stake?" in a contemptuous voice. So either the real vampire in there was mislabeled, or Mr. Glava is upset by the interruption and assumptions made about him. The readings will always prove to be strange and the temperature changes are definitely something good!

The anger we think we have an answer for. It seems many people have been tromping through there randomly these days and stirring up trouble. Basically, if you do decide to go there, please be considerate of the spirits and the headstones! They may no longer have bodies, but they DO have feelings!! 

Is this place haunted. Hells to the ya.

Are the cops sick of running people out of there? Hells to the ya.