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117 - Bald Mountain Cemetery - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status :  Closed Case File
Location Status :  Still there.  Location very dark and hard to get to without 4 wheel drive
City: Central City, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, rough dirt roads. 4 wheel drive only
Permissions: No visible gate, open location.
The Story
Local legends around Colorado all say this place has visible ghosts, walking right past you in the dark and sometimes touching you.

The Investigation
As much as I would love to say this spot is full of data and readings it was not.  Nothing out of the norm here other than the psychic investigators feeling a deep need to run and turn around as we approached it, but that could be because the place is completely engulfed in darkness without even starlight.  EMF showed nothing out of the ordinary, same with temp readers.

The Images
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The Conclusion
We feel there is a haunt here, but identifying the source and exact location with so much natural interference going on was tough.  Images show something. Readings do not.  So we'll leave this one with a 'maybe'