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118 - Columbia Pioneer - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Still there and still active. Headstones have been desecrated :-(
City: Boulder, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: The police should be notified you'll be in there. If the gates are locked, stay out but if left open, please just observe the gate hours posted
The Story
Established in 1870, Columbia Cemetery was the first permanent cemetery in the city of Boulder, Colorado. The cemetery is a virtual Who's Who of pioneer Boulder. Nearly 6,500 persons are interred in Columbia Cemetery. Includes a traditional burial index as well as an innovative interactive cemetery map which ties Geographic Information Systems mapping of cemetery plots to photos of headstones and burial index & biographical information of the departed.  We found vague hints that this place might have activity.

The Investigation
The EMF: 5 - 77 and Temps: Down to 46 and up to 77

Something kept picking up the recorder, and breathing heavily into it. The gates were heard opening and shutting at random intervals. The last we had heard, some old graves that were previously unmarked had been found again ... old war graves. This may explain the gunshot and screaming EVP we have. But thta's still not certain. All we know is that after publishing information on this cemetery, we have heard reports of people going there to look for ghosts and causing a lot of trouble.

The Images
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Shooting and screaming. Not audible at the time of recording, only during playback
The Conclusion
Active, unsure of what type of haunting this might be, but we are leaning towards residual.  AKA Left over emotions and energies