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120 - Belvidere Theater - Colorado

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Still there and still active
City: Central City, Colorado
Driving : Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Permission required! DO NOT attempt to break and enter!
The Story
More than a century ago, The Belvidere served as a public hall and theater -- years before the Central City Opera House opened its doors in 1878. This historic building has been used as a bottling company, a recreation center, a National Guard base, a theater, the high school's basketball courts, and a Fire Station. It is now connected to what used to be the town's jail and an old saloon, which also served as a brothel. It is said to be the oldest theaters west of the Mississippi. Its floors have been walked on by the likes of Doc Holliday, Goldie Hawn, and George Segal, with the latter pair starring in the 1976 comedy western, The Duchess and Dirtwater Fox, which was filmed in the theater.

It is a key hot spot for local ghost tours. Rumors of murder and a public hanging outside the theatre are said to have left the Belvidere permanently "occupied". One of the most notorious ghosts there is that of a very fiery woman named Dolly. One of its previous owners experienced chairs putting themselves down from the tables, and moving on their own. During one performance play one evening, this owner was cooking dinner for all the patrons, and she had left the kitchen unattended for only a moment. Upon return, all the food was up in smoke, and the oven cranked all the way up. In desperation to get all these people fed, she sent someone down to Denver to fetch some chickens to cook up. The chickens were brought back, and placed in large tubs of warm water to thaw quickly. That's when she noticed that her kitchen knives and oven mitts were missing. Upon attempting to decipher this mystery, she realized that laughter was coming from the stage area. Rushing out, all the people were looking up and laughing. She tipped her head to find out why ... and there, hanging from the lights over the stage, was all her kitchen equipment. While she was on the ladder getting it all down, there was a massive crashing sound from the kitchen. All the chickens in their tubs had been dumped upside down and destroyed. The humor in all this is that the play being put on that evening was "Hello Dolly!"

The Investigation
We were escorted by the owner through the various old rooms, backstage, and up broken half gone stairwells ... and it was GREAT! This incredible place is now slightly gutted, broken down, and unoccupied. But it IS owned, so don't attempt to get in there or take a long drive up ... it's locked up nice and tight and you need permission. While we were there, we noticed all KINDS of bizarre odors, sounds, and shadows.

During separate visits, we always experience the same feelings ... a protective woman, looking after 'her' area, another woman who seems to only like 'gentleman' and not simply just any man, but the gentlemanly type as proven by feminine hand prints appearing on the backs of investigators jackets - but only the male investigators who held open doors or helped a female up the stairs. The male investigators who did not act gentlemanly were treated to a smack on the shoulder.

Almost all images showed nothing but dust orbs, the place is full of them!  But during one visit Drea captured a full figure apparition photo, identified by the owner as Dolly herself, sitting at the piano that had belonged to her. The image was taken when a clink was heard at the piano keys and the photo was verified by Eastman Kodak. You can see that below.

The Images
  1. Managing Director
Someone whimpering, then a very spooky Hi
Someone saying "D, hey D" ... Drea's nickname to the team was usually just D. It sounds like a younger person
Drea said "Hello" in exclamation after feeling a cold draft. I heard an answering "ya hello" upon playback of the tapes. At the time though, all I documented as having felt was a slight tugging on my pant leg
The Conclusion
The readings, as well as the actions, led us to believe that this place holds some extraordinary spirits. Active, aware, able to communicate and fully comfortable with us 'living'.