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126 - Denver General Tunnels

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Still there and still hopping
City: Denver, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: You can access the main tunnels through the parking structure, but better to ask an employee if you can walk through there since there is police presence on site.
The Story
These tunnels were once connected to the tunnels running beneath the entire city. The tunnels are most popular the haunt beneath and in the Capitol building. The tunnels themselves have always held many a rumor. One such rumor is that of demon's living in there. Of course, we aren't going to give any credit to talk like this. But some facts for you ... At the time of building and expanding these tunnels, they decided to connect them to the main city hospital, some of the finer hotels, and a couple of brothels. All tunnels led to areas that would or may be needed by any government official at any time, and was used by the elite class of Denver's Capitol Hill.

A few other tidbits found on the web about the tunnels.
A watchman lived in the tunnels under the State Capitol building from the day it opened until his death 30 years later. He scrounged for food, wore the same overalls and never openly spent money. He took his pay to the bank each month and exchanged it for silver dollars. When he died, searchers combed the tunnel looking for his silver, but they never found it.

The Story goes that in June 1916, members of the Colorado National Guard were mobilized to fight Poncho Villa and so-called Mexican bandits on the Mexico-New Mexico border. To prove they were brave soldiers, when members of the state militia captured and executed a couple of the "bandits," they cut off their heads, placed them in jars of alcohol and shipped them back to Colorado for display. The state did not know what to do with the heads, entrusting them to the Colorado Historical Society. The latter allegedly placed them in the storage area by the tunnels under the state capitol - and that's the last that's been seen of them. A rumor runs that in the midst of Prohibition some heard that the heads were packed in alcohol. Desiring to get any amount of that substance possible, the jars were supposedly drained. Other stories persist that they float around in the tunnels.

And, of course, the theater rumor. It was mentioned by one of the employees that they had heard of a theater underground, beneath the tunnels themselves. It was for the richest of the tunnel going people, and the elevator had been walled up years ago. Of course, more than anything, this one is sheer word of mouth ... with no way to prove it.

The Investigation
The Tunnels have a constant feeling of being watched. Sheriffs keep track of the hospital and have offices on the property ... so if you just wander down there, you WILL be arrested. Call ahead of time for permission. Our group received written permission to be there. Never assume you can go in, just because we did. Alrighty! Now to the good stuff!

EMF reads up to 2739 ... the lowest seen on the reader was 577 other than the parking areas which registered at 210, which is probably the normal reading for those areas. Highest reading seen was in the Central Supply.

Interview with Sheriff on location about the hauntings in the tunnels and building 7 ...I will not disclose her name, or post. But here are a few quotes from her.
"We are always up on the second floor, and hear our names being called out. Like right behind us. We turn around, and no one is ever there."
"There are all kinds of muffled voices in the tunnels. No one likes to go in there. The employees are mostly too scared to walk through them. Most of the nurses would rather die than transfer a patient from one ward to another down in those tunnels."
"The television sets are always turning themselves off and on. It could be a timer. But timers can't make the sound go loud and soft again. Something has to touch the button ... and there is no one there."
"I like to think that it might be nothing. But too much has happened to deny it, like the nurses do"

During our investigation, we approached one woman, who claimed to have seen horrific things in the tunnels. As we approached her, her skin went pale; she shook her head and ran in the other direction. Sadly enough, I found it to be true that the employees are terrified of the tunnels. 

The Images
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The Conclusion
Unanimously calling this place haunted, and unfriendly.   Arrange your permissions to investigate with the Sheriff's or hospital staff, but only if you think you have investigators that can ignore the creepy feeling that follows you around.  Science only is a best bet for this one.