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130 - Columbine High School

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status: Closed Case FIle
Location Status: Still standing
City: Littleton, Colorado
Driving: City, Paved
Permissions:  Must seek out permission from local authorities to be on location at night.
The Story
Do NOT go out to Columbine and walk around yapping about the tragedy. If you are not ready to show respect for what happened here, don't go here. It's very simple. We encourage everyone to show respect and decorum during investigation in general ... but this place is a special case. No random walkings around should be tolerated here.

Columbine High School opened in the fall of 1973.  April 20, 1999, two students named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 students and one teacher.  They injured an additional 21 students as well before they both committed suicide.

Years later, Drea received an email asking if we would like to come and investigate.

The Investgation
I'm not going to say much about this one ... a lot of things that we saw and felt were too odd to report properly without some time analyzing it all. I realize that this place and its happenings are still rather sensitive to discuss ... and we understand all of this. With the greatest respect for what happened there, we went through the park, and the entire area around the school. We each felt every aspect of terror that was felt that day, and to a certain degree a few of us felt one particular person. I myself felt one person - right down to her need for a cigarette. Two investigators felt two others. We were lucky to have one person with us who was one of the first officer's on the scene that day ... and he verified some things for us that we felt or heard or saw. 

The emotional imprint of what happened is rather intense ... and we couldn't really stay as long as some of us would have liked to. Along with the 11 PM curfew, there were strange people watching us for some odd reason. I would like to come back here ... with a cigarette for the young lady who needs one and cannot smoke it. This place is a very intense spot and sensitive to investigate. We do believe that the imprint of the past isn't all that's happening on that land. We are still researching the entire area ... but it's clear by the EVP that there is not just the one afternoon being repeated there. Perhaps something stronger allowing flashes of the past to come through?

We do not recommend it for others as a 'look at the ghosts' sightseeing tour. This place needs the kind of people who can be calm, courteous, discreet, and kind to the energies there, as well as respectful of the tragedy that took place.

The Images
  1. Managing Director
What sounds like a frog or something
A Goat ... where did a goat come from?
A Scream in the background
More screaming in the background
An exclaimation of some kind
A female voice gasping "Help Me"
The Conclusion
Repetitive Haunting is what we are calling this.  Do not cause trouble and go down there ... this one is highly sensitive.