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133 - Ridgehome Detention Center

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  The facility itself was shut down, torn down, razed to the ground and tunnels filled in. Is now a shopping center
City: Wheatridge, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Do what ya like during store hours, but get each store's permission... see Location Status
The Story
On 5 May 1909, 379.3 acres of land was set aside by the State of Colorado to be a home and training school for the mentally disabled. At its peak Ridge Home served 1,500 individuals. The first building was up in 1910, the last building finished in 1936. The first person arrived in July of 1912. People were admitted for life here, so only a transfer to the home of a relative, or to the Pueblo Insane Asylum, or death was a way to get out. This place ran on until the mid 1991's, when legal issues over asbestos forced them to close their doors. The official reason for closing? "In 1992 the Department of Human Services (DHS) redirected its philosophy of care toward a decentralized approach, and committed to relocate all of the residents into community based settings."

There are many and varied rumors of Ridge Home and its history ... In the mid 1950's, seventeen people died. After speaking to a woman who worked at the facility during that time, I can easily say that most of the rumors of what happened in there are true facts. She witnessed several beatings, had seen reports for various rapes, and heard from other staff members of even more crimes in the tunnels beneath it all. She did not deny, nor confirm, the old rumor of a nurse's head being chopped off.  

It had been since torn down, and the tunnels filled with dirt and every indication of what was once there is gone. In it's place is a shopping center featuring a Super Target. Having worked there at that Super Target, I went ahead and did some readings and yup! Place is still jumping no matter what building stands on it now.

The Investigation
When we explored this place, we found so MUCH anger coming from everywhere. In the basements are people sized cages where we were told some children were disciplined. Our first 4 investigations took place while the old original buildings were still in place, the tunnels still whole and filled with cages, and old hospital like equipment everywhere. Old beds, a bed pan here or there, debris everywhere.

What we witnessed visually:
Doors closing and opening by themselves. One Investigator was holding the EMF reader. It went haywire from moment one. A few of us traveled the tunnels. The old pipes down there are, of course, active. But a can on the pipes kept flying up and off at us. Now, even with a human being grabbing that particular pipe, and shaking it, the can remained on there. So what ever force was shaking the pipe and can, and throwing it, was gearing for the exact result it got. To freak out the visitors that were with us. As soon as we left the tunnels, and were in one group again the door to the tunnels slammed shut behind us. All humans were visible at that time, and no footsteps were heard to indicate that it was anything other than a spirit.

Until the exacts are known 100% about what took place in there, I think the whole former locstion will remain at unrest. Once the place was torn down Drea arranged personal investigations of some of the stores in the shopping center, being an employee of that now haunted Target ... and yup, it's still active as all hell!

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
We were talking about the cages where the kids were punished, and saying how could they do that to cute little kids ... and you hear a child's voice say right into the mic "Hi!"
Whispering voice asks if we want it ... we think. It's hard to hear the words, but it sounds to us like, "Want it? Ya"
The Conclusion
After it's close, the tunnels and broken buildings were haunted for sure.  What's left over on the land transferred some haunting to the stores now.  Good spot to investigate.