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135 - Fairmount Cemetery

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Still there, will always be there
City : Denver, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: The owners of Fairmount are sick and tired of people breaking in to investigate here. Very simply, if you have no written permission, you will be arrested. 
The Story
Fairmount Cemetery was founded in 1890, and is currently approximately 250 developed acres. Located at the intersection of Alameda and Quebec. So many teams have tried this one, and each time all the film and tape come back blank or blackened - from what we were told. I've heard stories of teams going in and coming out insane, due to the 'shadows' that appear - again, from what the rumors say. Seems as if Fairmount has its share of Urban Legend in there that many believe. There have been reports of a ghostly truck driving by, lights flashing in your face while alone. All kinds of odd reports and rumors. The facts about this place is that it's large, historic, gorgeous, and one of the cemeteries that the Cheesman bodies were moved to.

The Investigation
We saw those shadows for sure. Granted it was night time, so there were dark places already. But these were human shaped and moving around rather quickly, and precisely. A couple of us left our recorders on a gravestone, and we all went off to record and shoot as much as we could. A truck could be heard approaching and no truck was visible anywhere. A stone was warm to the touch for two of us, and we stood there for a bit feeling it. When the gentleman with the digital thermometer came over, the temperature jumped from 46 to 79. Near the end of our investigation, there were two teams ... about 150 feet apart. The team in the rear we could suddenly hear them say "Jesus! What was that:" and a moment later, we saw the man on the bike ride past us and then disappear.

During many other trips to this cemetery, I have a few more examples of obvious phenomenon for you all. During one occasion, we all saw the headlights and spotlight of a police cruiser. The spotlight came over our little group. I asked us all to stop in our tracks, and flipped on my flashlight to make certain that the police saw us and knew we were there. It was hard to miss us though ... three of us were wearing white pants on a full moon ... so we were fairly glowing at that point. I aimed my flashlight directly at the cruiser and waited for the police to come up so I could let them know who we were and how we had permission. They do make occasional trips around there to keep an eye out for vandalism and crime, because of the size of this cemetery. We waited. The spotlight stayed on us, and we all just waited. The car then went around us on another street. We had just come from there, so we all knew that little street only did a U turn, and there was no place to go from there other than back to where we were standing. The police cruiser never came. Literally disappeared. We took that as our sign of over staying our welcome, and proceeded to our cars. 

The Images
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The Conclusion
Over all the visits here, we've come to the conclusion that the waves and shadows here may not be ghosts ... but simply energy from the land itself. There isn't enough EVP or Video to prove ghosts are responsible for all of it. But there is definitely something happening with the amount of readings we get from one visit to the next. It's always best to get there prior to the gates closing. Haunted? Yes, although the amount of the haunt is unknown. There may be residual energies around and a couple of aware spirits. In a location this size and with this much strangeness happening, it's difficult to tell. It will take many years to fully understand this one.