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140 - Rialto Theater

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  It's still there, and the pride of Loveland.
City: Loveland, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Permission required to investigate in here
The Story
The Historic Rialto Theater, completely renovated to its original 1920 decor, is a centerpiece in downtown Loveland. From silent films to traveling vaudeville shows in the '20s, today the Rialto Theater is a community performing arts center featuring live concerts, events, productions, and movies. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

"The legend is, he hangs out in the projection booth. I was walking up the stairs towards the balcony and basically, something came right past me on the stairs. It was one of those things where all the hair on the back of your neck stands up. There's just kind of that movement in the air and it was cold. That day on the stairs, that definitely was something.  

"Everybody associated with the theater has had something like that happen, like doors that will not open no matter what we try. One time, I was trying to get the door to the projection booth open and I just said, `Okay, can I please come in,' and the next time I tried, the door came open. It could have been a stuck lock, but he hangs out up there."

The Investigation
The feeling here was mostly of the projection booth, and a feeling in there of serious pain.  Temps recorded cold spots of as low as 22 degrees when normal ambient air was around 68 degrees at the time.  

The Images
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The Video
During our walkthroughs, the only thing we caught here on video... one little orb flying past behind the investigators legs
Click the bottom right link to watch it on YouTube if you need to see it bigger

The Conclusion
Haunted, yes ... but not badly.  One ghost if anything and not a mean one :-)