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141 - Buffalo Rose

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Business is still there and rolling strong
City: Golden, Colorado
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Go in for a soda! Talk it up with employees and see if they'll let ya take pictures and readings!
The Story
The Buffalo Rose has a rich and varied history. The original building was built in 1859. It housed many businesses over the years. It was a two story from building with two storefronts. The first true commercial block building in Jefferson county.

The first business here was a grocery store, with the first public hall (Metropolitan Hall) on the second floor the hall hosted a wide variety of gatherings, from church services to dances The grocery went under in the civil war depression, along with most of Golden's other business establishments.

During this period, Golden was the capital of Colorado territory. The territorial council, the equivalent of a senate, met in the second floor meeting hall from 1862 - 1866. Many of Colorado's earliest laws were voted on in this hall.

After the civil war, the building was occupied by The Golden Paper Mill (the first paper mill west of the Mississippi). A successful mercantile was also housed in the store front. The metropolitan hall continued as a public hall. In the 1870's a new owner remodeled the hall into the "Overland House," a hotel and restaurant. It served many travelers on the Wells Fargo company overland stagecoaches.

The varied recreation in the building over the years included bowling, boxing, billiards, and orchestration (predecessor to the modern jukebox). The first public event on the premises was a miners hotel ball in 1860. The first musical act preformed was the Denver Quadrille Band in 1860, first public concert was the Hass Grand Orchestrion in 1878. Celtic fiddling was the type of music used at Golden's earliest public gatherings.

Some famous guests included U.S. General's Grant, Sherman and Sheridan. Over the years shadier guests caused more trouble, including shootouts. The first shootout took place in 1860 and it is said that the ghosts of some of these notorious men are still around.

The Investigation

Well our equipment hated us in here LOL EMF went completely dead and wouldn't turn back on at all.  The temp reader read zero the whole time.  So sadly, no readings to report :-(  I know, sucks right!?

Images came out blurry or showing nothing unusual, and video - even remote recording video - was all black.  

​In the basement area, psychic investigators felt very strong energy ... and although the recordings have tinnnnny lil voices seemingly attempting to answer all the questions, any attempt at analyzing them kills off the lil voices.  Listening to the recordings raw it's impossible to make out what is being said at all.

This was about 12 minutes after we all stepped outside to allow for remote recording, with no human presence.
Everything had been shut off, but it seems the place 'remembers' what it's heard...

A few minutes before we returned to gather up our gear, a man speaks something that we can't understand.  Again, if anyone has an idea, let us know!
The Conclusion
All we can say about this one is WOW and yes, it's got haunting to it