Paranormal Investigators / Ghost Hunters
Topeka, Kansas
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145 - Rochester Cemetery

Type: Preliminary run
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Gate closed the night we went there.  No contact info found yet for proper entry
City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions: Permission required to investigate inside cemetery. Our prelim was surrounding road and locale only
The Story
The Albino woman, or white woman of Topeka. (Also known as Blue Albino Lady and just Albino Lady)
One of the most enduring legends of Kansas is that of the Albino Woman. When I looked into the story, I found so many versions of it that it smelled suspiciously like an urban legend. She is said to haunt various locations all around Topeka, but originated in Rochester Cemetery.

Some say she is a living person, just that she cannot be out in the daylight and so wanders at night. Some on the internet claim to know who she is and where she lives. Others say that she used to be alive, and was indeed an albino woman who visited a grave each night in Rochester Cemetery but has since died, and having passed away her spirit now visits there nightly as she did in life.

This one is covered in rumor and who really knows the truth? A lot more research is under way as Drea tries to discover the truth.

The Investigation
The run here was a prelim only, not a full investigation.  We did run the equipment but this was by no means a full and comprehensive investigation.  None-the-less the EMF didn't record it's graph for me that night, so it was hitting around 1210 max, base EMF was around 500 for the location.  So readings were curious and we would like to go back for a longer stay as well as walk the grounds themselves in full

The Images
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Just getting out of the car, and the only sound file we caught that didn't fit our own voices.  You hear the notation into the recorder that we are exiting the vehicle and a male voice seems to grumble "Leave or Die" to us.  Anyone have any other thoughts on what he is possibly saying, we'd love to hear it!
The Conclusion
Haunt is unknown for the cemetery and surrounding roads.  Obviously something happened to the EMF and there is the strange male voice... but as of right now we cannot say what we feel about this one.  You will notice in the images the black 'blurry' bit we caught.  That same type of black blur occurs on the next prelim as well, the same night.  It is unknown which location it's associated with.  

As an additional note, that black blurry bit has shown up in images Drea has taken before in Colorado locations.  Not that it's the same thing, not by a long shot.  But it's an interesting note Drea questions simply because of it's re-occurrence in many various locations, and varied 'types of hauntings'.  Any input welcome!