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148 - Alma Cemetery

Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Please respect the location!  
City: Alma, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads, dirt roads
Permissions: Unknown. No gates or closed access, no hours posted.
The Story
One basic story is that the dead buried there are still active. Images captured at night are reportedly ‘unbelievable’.  
The second story is the legend of the Devil’s Chair. Apparently in the 1800’s a mean old farmer owned all that land around the time the city was being built. The town couldn’t get him to sell his land to them, despite a lot of effort. As legend goes he was shoved into his well while collecting water, out of spite. Or possibly he just fell in. Either way the city builder’s went to talk to him some more about selling and noticed the nasty smell in the well and called in Police. The Sheriff claimed there was nothing and no one in the well, and ordered it sealed up and announced that the report was to be forgotten about. So the city got his land anyway, because I guess once you’re dead in a well you lose your land.  

The term Devil’s Chair popped up as a joke about the well looking like a seat as people in the 80’s and then later dared each other to sit on top of the well. The legends say that whomever sits on top of that well will disappear and never be heard from again, and that dozens of people have disappeared that way.

Quote from the Historical Society:
“I have heard about the Devil's chair, but just thought it was a silly story kids told each other to try to scare each other.
Have not heard the part about the farmer. I do know that it has been posted in different places. I am pretty sure it is
just one of those made up stories. I have never heard of anyone sitting the chair and then disappearing.”.

Here is how the Devil's Chair appeared prior to it being filled in and covered up.
The Investigation
This one was a two parter. The first night was a preliminary run, and we were so pleased with the results we went back a few days later. The temps recorded nothing out of the ordinary and quite frankly we got so into the leaf phenomena that we kind of forgot to turn on the temp gun at all! But before I get to the leaf thing lemme explain that yes we found the Devil's Chair. Yes there's a male angry feeling around the treeline. Yes we sat our butts right on that thing, and no, none of us disappeared for it. There. Urban legend debunked as all hell LOL

The male angry feeling in the treeline made a few feel unwelcome and nervous to be there too long, though. Who knows who or what that might be or why that feeling is there. As Michelle put it, "A feeling of curiosity and nervousness with no anomalies noted." So who or what is there, we haven't a clue.

Now the leaf adventure is still unexplained and the sensation of wonder from it is still with us. On the prelim night, towards the mid-frontal area of the location Michelle pointed out the sounds of dripping or leaves. As if they were moving near her. We all stopped and paid attention, running equipment and taking images, listening. The sounds grew closer and surrounded us entirely. It was like it was coming from first one direction and then another. According to Michelle, "The team stopped to listen while walking thru and listened to what seemed to sound like rain drops one at a time falling onto a dried leaf on the ground. It moved from location to location in an area of about 20ftx20ft radius. Could not determine at this time what may be causing the sounds. There was no wind, and no animals or insects found to cause it." And on the second night, "Daytime investigation of the location where we had previously experienced the sounds of water drops falling onto leaves revealed no explanation of how the sounds occurred. There are no mole hills or holes, traces of insects or animals, and the dried leaves from fall are packed down onto the ground. We moved leaves around to search for something that may debunk our previous experiences, but found nothing."

Drea says, "Towards the end of the night, the leaves began to crackle around us as if being stepped on and followed. We kept stopping to examine the leaves but there was no movement in them at all! Nothing to cause the sounds. We found what we felt was the hotspot of the leaf sounds and just stood there ... the entire time the sounds continued and I felt as if we were being played with by children or something. Wonderful feeling in that spot. So happy and light hearted. But on the second visit, the feeling was less strong. The sounds were happening there, but only faintly and with less excitement to it."

There were some interesting readings near what Drea has dubbed the "sheriff stone" where there was a nice calm feeling of protection. Perhaps he's keeping the strange unwelcome feeling away from the playful child feeling? Still doing his job! Good on him! Below is a sampling of the EMF data.

As you can see below the EMF showed some calm points, but the active points were a bit crazy.

The Data
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The Images
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A male voice not belonging to us says "Kenneth". Drea hears "Where is Kenneth?" and starts asking the group who Kenneth is.
VERY Faint, static sounds reduced to try to hear it better. Drea had just asked everyone to stop and listen while the sounds in the leaves were going on. The sounds were farther at this point, not quite right near us yet.  A child giggling.
While the sounds were going on all around us one of us called out "Marco" just to see if there would be a response. And yup, there was.
Sounds like another child saying it's time for us to go cause the area isn't safe.
Daytime prelim, we're getting ready to go get some dinner and we are said goodbye to Steph's recorder.
Right when Cam and Angi went to where the Devil's Chair used to be
Someone grunting and it wasn't us
Someone says leave, then Angi felt herself being touched
The Conclusion
I'd like to note in conclusion that we know we 'felt' activity. The EMF and photo/EVP seems to support that something is certainly going on in there! We feel conclusively that the location has a haunting to it. Active and aware, considering the voices we caught talking along with us. This is no mere residual energy type of haunting. The sheer number of images and sounds, caught day and night both were too remarkable to ignore.

On a side note as a funny:
"Dear people of Alma. We aren't there to ruin your day. We are nice and quiet and don't disturb anything at all. So driving by in your truck and screaming at us to go back to our own city was simply rude. So you saw us going over the rules with guests at the gas station. You heard it all, so you must have surely realized that we were in full legal rights with no mischeif at heart at all. We respect the location, the people buried there, and the locals. If you dislike what we do in the name of science then I suggest you keep it to yourself instead of showing the world what bigoted asshats you can be. Next time, just go home, truck people. There's no need to be quite that ridiculously rude to investigators. That is all. P.s. Your truck needs to be washed and I would recommend at least one of you learn to comb your hair properly. KThnxbai."