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150 - Jackson Park

City: Atchinson, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads, dirt roads
Permissions:  Gates are present, unsure of gate hours
Type: Full Investigation
Visits: Single
Anam Status: Open Case File
Location Status:  Great spot, but watch out for those gates closing on you 
The Story
The legend of Molly’s Hollow is that she was an African American woman who was in love with and dating a white man. Rumor states that she was lynched and hung there by those who didn’t want their love to happen. A second legend is that Molly was a lovely young white woman who was found dead in the park after her prom, hung from a tree and her clothing badly torn. It is suggested that her date and she had fought the night before, after the prom. In his anger he drove off and left her in the park alone.

Witnesses claim to have seen her ghostly figure hanging from a tree, and heard her screams and cries in the night.  
The park is located at 6th & College, Atchison, KS 66002

Internet history searches can’t come up with any woman named Molly dying in the park, so the source of this legend goes unknown. A book costing well over $50 is available to purchase if you feel the need, that claims they got the truth and facts behind the haunting. I can’t verify this as I do not want to spend over $50 on a small paperback… but if you have money to spare and feel like buying it:
The Ghost of Molly's Hollow by Linda F. Slebodnik

The Investigation
Our first trip here was more one of exploration to see if we could even find the ‘hanging tree’. We do think we found it, but without more historical research we aren’t 100% sure that’s the right one. We got very low readings at first, and the EMF didn’t really dance for us until after we had talked to a great group of young people about the haunting in there as well as hauntings in the rest of the city. We headed in the direction they and we thought might be the right area for the hanging tree after we all finished smoking some cigs together, and that’s when there was a lot of EMF activity.

Near the tree we all suspected it might be, we did catch two EVP and the EMF data shows the crazy amount of magnetic spikes; and yet there was no natural causes for those spikes, and the power lines weren’t a factor in that section of the park. Two investigators were touched and reacted as if touched by someone living, and yet no one was there. We’re keeping this as an open investigation and hoping to spend longer around that tree near the very angry man who touches people!

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The Conclusion
We really think we might have found the right tree, but we are going to explore more of the park itself in the future as well.  No matter what, that path through the bushes leading up to that tree have SOMETHING there causing evidence to happen, be it the hanging tree or not.