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151 - Harrison Street Church

City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Demolished so N/A
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Closed
Location Status:  Demolished

A large fire broke out on October 27, 2013 and what was left of the ruins was demolished and razed.  The new location case number is known as 157- Former Demon Church, which is just for the land itself.

The Story
Back in the Spring of 1886 while the area was still rural the people of the area were worried over too many unruly children ... The First Methodist Church allowed them to establish a mission in the old Van Buren School building for those kids. About a year later, the mission built it's own church on the corner of 18th and Harrison. Then in 1903 the church had to be moved to the 16th / Harrison corner to escape flooding and then in 1919, this growing church needed some more room to grow. They hired a contractor to make a new and modern building, complete with upside down crosses and an unusual design on the inside of it. The old church building was completely dismantled and the new one propped right on top there on the same site, right over the old one's basement. All that work was completed in 1920.  

Now today, we know this one is featured on 'most haunted' lists everywhere and we did a bit of digging to figure out it's history before investigating. It's been featured on TV all over the place of course, and it's former owners says that the place so so haunted that even the caretakers who were living in it were freaked out in that place. According to loads of urban legends this site is home to a demon, lost souls, children's ghosts, and plenty of other bad things. Before we could go in there, we read loads of websites calling this the "Strongest and most horrible haunting in all of Kansas". The stories go on an on about it being possessed by the devil, and sounds of a screaming girl being heard inside. One website is quoted around as stating you 'have to have nerves of steel in order to even enter this place.'  

Allow me to mention this entire upside down cross issue for a moment. This is apparently why some say the place is the home of the devil and so on, and obviously these people know nothing about theology! The upside down cross is the sign of St. Peter, who asked to be crucified as a martyr upside down because he felt he was not worthy to die in the same way of his Lord Jesus Christ... that's why there's upside crosses there. Many churches are adorned with them without invoking the devil and many people wear the cross upside down as well. This is perfectly normal people, and not satanic in nature at all. So, if we're all done recalling the tattooed foreheads of 80's metal bands and relating those images to churches, let's move on ...

The Investigation
Well well ... can't go in without having nerves of steel apparently didn't apply to us. We met some really nice people on the first night in there and went right in without any fear. Although, we'll admit Drea's fear of heights and the ladder wasn't the calmest moments >.> Aside from that, the place at first seems to be filled with interesting energy so the we were really relying on the equipment to show us if there really was anything going on inside this place. The floors covered in left overs of the homeless and drug abusers who now use the place as a squatting spot on occasion, and there was bat and bird poop like everywhere! Ya, the place is disgusting now and nothing like it was on the TV show a few years back. But in we went, and we split into two teams on both night one and night two. The EMF readings are below and we had some very serious spikes in those readings. Now, nothing inside is hooked up to power in even the most remote sense of the word, so there's no chance of that being a cause anywhere in that building. The spikes never happened near a wall that led to the sidewalks where perhaps the streetlights might have an effect. The spikes really had no explanation to them.

We did have some temperature readings go strange on us as well, including a drop by 12 degrees right outside of the downstairs bathroom. Both teams, even though we couldn't communicate as we were separated, reported hearing audible growling and we all kept searching for the source. We never could find a natural cause or source of those growls, and they did come across in the EVP, thankfully! The feeling in this place was uncomfortable to say the least, and the most negative waves of anger kept us coming back to one certain area. The readings in the area backed up the strange feelings we were having and even on our second night there, we felt it again. Very unwelcoming, this place! All our recorders had something goofy on them in terms of voices and sounds that had no natural causes or explanations.  

As you can see on the photos below, there's some strange happenings in this place and on night one there was a physical attack on one of the Team Leaders. Standing there and taking readings, sudden pain along her lower inner arm made her look down and there was a trail of nail marks. A few minutes later, as the two teams were getting ready to get back together and do the silent question and answer recording time, the same person cried out and upon inspection there was this long scratch across her face from upper cheek bone to lower jaw. So what ever is in there has the ability to attack people. Bad juju in there.

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The Images
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Michelle's question and answer portion of the night and this voice is heard. As a note it appears on no other recorders. I have this heavily noise reduced to attempt to understand the words spoken
Organ Playing.  This recorder was left on it's own downstairs and in silence. You can faintly hear the team investigating through the place, but at no time did this sound happen that we are aware of.
​Remote recorder, left alone the whole time again. Right near the recorder we get this on Drea's remote digital recorder that was sitting alone. Very faintly, after all the noise reduction was done, we could hear whispering. First one voice, and then another that sounds like it's asking for help.
Remote digital once again, you can hear us talking as we walk around in other areas and something touches the recorder, then growls lowly at us. I've tried my damndest to make this as clear as I can ... it's WAY noise reduced to heighten the growl.
I jokingly commented out loud that Beth wanted to see a ghost and he said "Fuck You" ... I'm guessing this ghost isn't so friendly like Casper ... and he curses a lot.
Growlish sound in the middle of a fearful conversation.
Well how rude this guy is ... someone says "Go Home" in between our conversation
After almost falling asleep listening to static, this strange hidden growl was found. 
The Conclusion
Is this place haunted, you may ask us? Why HELL yes it is. Not only did we hear the growling following us around, but the recorders picked some of it up. Not only was that thing in there rude and unwelcoming, but he attacked one of us. So ya ... this place is serious business and we highly recommend NO ONE go in there unless you know what you're doing with a very strong and serious haunting situation. Also please note that the building is set for demolition soon. We were lucky we got in when we did.