Paranormal Investigators / Ghost Hunters
Topeka, Kansas
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153 - Goodyear Tire Factory (Surrounding Area Only)

City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Open land, some gates, some private land
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Multiple
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Open to public
 The Story
Still searching for evidence of the famous White Lady of Topeka.  It's been reported that she roams a certain path, and very rarely strays from that path.  We went to the areas surround the Goodyear Tire Factory. I'd like to note we did NOT enter the factory, but went to the land surrounding it only to see if we could find any traces of her passing.

The Investigation
We'll admit this one was chaos. We went in search of the White Lady, and found something with a male voice out there instead. The EMF data went nuts and would not stay in one setting at all. We re-calibrated several times in an effort to make the numbers make sense, but to no avail. We tested against power lines, electrical boxes etc, and could find no natural cause for the readings. The images are a bit hard to understand as well, since what we captured has a dark appearance and not a white one at all!  

To top off our chaos there was a guest there that night who swore they were a trustworthy person who kept yapping about some anime character three headed dog with sideways eyes that was going to try to eat him. His energy, and drug use prior to investigation, seemed to throw off everything we were attempting to capture out there. Had we known he had taken drugs prior we would have booted him out in a second, but it came to light only later on in the week.  

It's very difficult to tell if the readings and what we got was due to the area or the idiot who came along for the fun and filled the whole night with stupidity. THIS is why we started interviewing guests in advance people!! NO DRUGS!! EVER!! This should be common sense in this field of study FFS!

So, we'll present what we got that night but we will make no conclusions until we visit the area more to verify some results and see what happens without some asshat making everything odd.

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 The Images
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 The Conclusion
Major temp drops anywhere near the corn fields. Some of the drops were in excess of 25 degrees which is no where near normal or natural for nearing areas like fields of corn. EMF readings were tested for naturally occurring reactions against the power line areas and boxes. Although we are fairly certain something is out there, we cannot say for sure until further investigations are done and tested against the normal ranges for the area. We need to look and search for more natural causes before coming to any conclusions.