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162 - Bird Bridge (Rocky Ford Bridge)

City: Emporia, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads, dirt roads
Permissions:  Open land
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Open to public, but beware there are private homes near it and cars that travel the bridge
The Story
The legend says that Reverend Bird murdered his wife by shoving her car into the river after struggling with her on the bridge and tossing her body over the side.  All of this killing was supposedly due to Reverend Bird's affair with Lorna Anderson in a pact to kill their respective spouses and be together.  Both Anderson and Rev. Bird were jailed for murder.
They say that Sandy Bird's screams can now be heard and her footsteps walk the bridge.  Tons of people try to get evidence here and there are car loads of people that dare each other to walk across the bridge only to freak out in the dark and rush back to their cars screaming.

The Investigation
Tons of dust in the air, and a feeling of dread.  We could hear no screaming, the EMF was up and down during our hour long investigation on this dark bridge.  The temp readers didn't record anything truly substantial, sadly.  The only thing the psychic side of our team felt was a Native American man and something else further down the road that seemed to love to scare people and seems to feed into the negative energy of those seeking out Mrs. Bird's ghost.
We feel we have debunked the legend of Mrs. Bird.  But what ever that negative thing was actually threatened Drea in latin LOL

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While the recorder was left alone by the car there was total silence. We were off on the other side of the bridge.  We feel as if this voice is saying "Ad Mortem Penndragon", which is Drea's last name.
The Conclusion
Despite all the stories, we cannot verify any trace of Mrs. Bird at this location. There is something nice there, and something also not nice, but this will need more research and investigation.