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165 - Atchison Street (The Ferry Woman)

City: Atchison, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Open land
Type: Preliminary
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  It's an open lake front
The Story
Once called Ferry Street, this road goes down a hill towards the Missouri River, where the ferry at a landing was waiting for passengers to board it.  The legend says that a woman travelling down the very steep hill lost control of her horses and buggy and the entire contraption became unhitched and her buggy went fast and uncontrolled into the icy river with her trapped inside.  It is said her body was never recovered and that today men walking along the riverbank can hear her calling to them to join her in the water below.
No historical searches could come up with this woman’s death on records

The Investigation
The team went searching for where this woman may have gone into the water in the hopes of disproving an urban legend.  There were quite a few things in Atchison that had zero readings and such for them, so we thought this would be a let down ... and we wound up being let down on expecting a let down.

We had some decent EMF spike towards the beginning of hanging out on the pier but then the whole EMF stopped spiking.  We had no significant temp drops sadly.  But the psychics got such a sad feeling there.  Who knows if it was the woman who supposedly died in those waters, but one investigator felt very drawn to a female feeling in those waters.

The Conditions
You can hear one investigator talking about the whirlpools and where not to swim or go into the water, and we believe a woman's voice is saying, "Elizabeth"
The Conclusion
We haven't come to any definative conclusions on this one.  A whole lot more research and time here is needed.