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Topeka, Kansas
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166 - Private Historical Home

City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Required
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Privately owned property
The Story
The owner of this property reported to us a feeling of serious unease mingled with fear in one room of her home.  She stated to us that there are disembodied voices imitating the voices of the living, moving objects, electrical anomalies, and a lot more. 

The Investigation
During the interview process, there was no temperature readings that seemed out of the ordinary, but the EMF would spike when the owner’s son entered the room.  We couldn’t find any natural reasons for that, and it seemed off to us.  The owner gave us a tour of the home and we left recorders in the hot spot areas to see if we could catch any of the voices she had mentioned.
Outside was a whole different story.  The feeling of foreboding was pretty intense in the far back of her yard and property.  Due to the wind and chill that night, the temp readers were not of much use to find cold spots, sadly.  EMF spiked again towards the end of the investigation.

The Conditions
The Images
  1. Managing Director
While the owner gave us a tour through the house, we were in the master bedroom, and this small voice warns us to get out.  This recorder was left on it’s own in the dining room during our tour of the house.  You can hear us speaking in the distance.
The entire time the team was outside, the recorder was left inside alone.  This took place prior to the owner and her son returning to the house while we remained in the backyard.

This is the sound of something touching the recorder.
As we were leaving, you hear us saying goodbye to the owner and Kali’s recorder caught this small voice between our own words.  It’s too hard to tell what’s being said in this recording, but that voice does not belong to any of us
The Video
The Conclusion
We believe that the home itself might have the male ghost and the spirits of some children, but the main concern is the far end of the backyard where the trees begin.  A lot more research is needed here!