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167 - Stull Cemetery

City: Lawrence, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Required
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Open Case File
Location Status:  Open to mourners, permission required after hours
The Story
For an insanely long time, this place has been host to legends of Satanism, witchcraft, Satan’s gates to hell and all kinds of stories.  According to the stories, Satan himself once used the old church as a personal doorway back to hell when the sun hit the stained-glass windows a certain way, but only twice a year on Halloween and the Spring Equinox.  Stull has long been called the most evil cemetery in the whole world and it all started back in 1850 when there was a huge tree and an old tombstone that read “Wittich”.   The stories state that the tree was the hanging tree for condemned witches.  The old tombstone is said to have been where Satan’s child was buried after it was born deformed and covered in wolf fur.
Hundreds and hundreds of people have claimed that after the church roof was gone, the rain refused to fall inside of the church itself, even if there was a major downfall happening.  This is why, it is said, the people nearby decided the church had to be torn down, because it was proven evil according to this rain story.
In 1988, the legends have grown so big that on Oct 31st, almost 500 people showed up at the gates to wait to see the Devil appear.  This caused so much damage to the property that the Sheriff’s department now posts deputies on the property every Halloween since.   Halloween of 1999, local reporters made a trip to Stull Cemetery to put the legend to rest once and for all. They were hoping to document Satan’s failure to appear in the graveyard at 12:00am, but were mysteriously turned away by the property owners just half an hour shy of midnight.  No investigator or team can get after dark permission now, and all investigation attempts must be during daylight if you plan to do it legally … which you ALWAYS should.
One investigator detoured to Stull on their way elsewhere and documented some odd things:
“Despite the fact that Stull doesn’t quite live up to its internet reputation in real life, my own visit to America’s legendary portal to hell was so weird that I had to take pause. Within minutes of entering Stull Cemetery’s gates, I noticed dozens of flames forming small rings in each corner of the graveyard. There were no burn piles, no visitors throwing cigarettes into the grass, and it was a cool spring day – a far cry from a fire hazard. Maybe the devil forgot to close the door on his way back to hell.”

The Investigation
We went in just before the sun was due to set and explored the areas that are not fenced in. We saw the burned areas previously noted by others but no sign of anything dealing with Satan.  We did feel a presence or two, and capture some audio and one image.  Perhaps it wasn’t completely evil feeling or high in activity because the sun was still up, but a haunting this big should have been active no matter the time of day.

The Conditions
The Images
  1. Managing Director
As we were discuss some of the stories on the internet, you can hear a man screaming in the background.
The Conclusion
Although there were readings and some evidence, this place is far from completely evil.  It’s a very small and calm location with no feeling of evil in the slightest.  I can see why the property owners want people to leave the place alone, seeing how small the place is.  If you are out seeking a midnight spree of fun and evil, I recommend leaving this sweet little place alone.