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Topeka, Kansas
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169 - The Haunted Man

City: Topeka, Ks
Driving: Highway travel, paved roads
Permissions:  Required
Type: Full Investigation
Visits:  Single
Anam Status:  Closed Case File
Location Status:  Just one man, who wishes to not be disturbed. We will refer to him as Bob
The Story
Bob emailed us and asked if we could help with some dark shadows that had been haunting him for many years.  He said that they were moving around him quite often and making it impossible to even sleep.  Bob told us that these dark shadows would try to steer him off the road as he drove on the highway and he was becoming more worried about them as time went on.

Bob has moved a few times over all the years of experiencing this, and it's happening to him no matter where he lives or where he goes.

The Investigation
We met with Bob for a one on one interview to go over a recording he had made himself.  It was quite long and seemed to be full of odd growling sounds.  We also took our own recording and video while we spoke to him.  We had a feeling that something was there, but we couldn't identify what it was at all.  One investigator said she felt as if something had touched her a few times while we were there going over the details with him.

The Conditions

This is the recording we got.   We brought the recording to several Native Americans and have been told the voice says, "Bsetwe'a O".  In Pottawatomie this translates as "Listen to him".
This is from Bob's recording. It's a long EVP but it narrows down al the growling sounds he caught on audio.
The Video
The weird little glow starts down by the time stamp
The Conclusion
Our conclusion is that Bob's negative haunting is using his medical and mental conditions in order to haunt him.  The list of medications for also include some nasty side effects. Although we feel Bob is haunted by this negative force, we also feel that some of the things Bob is experiencing are based on one particular medication he is on, and we feel that he might need to seek out a consult with his primary physician about the issues he has while driving and the tingling in his limbs he speaks of. 

In researching this case, Anam consulted 3 physicians and a zoologist to help identify certain issues, as well as a Native American Shaman.

Bob seems unable to believe in our assessment.  We had encouraged him to seek out other assistance for sure.  He believes we were with him only 10 minutes, but we were there a lot longer than that.  Bob thinks we should have simply believed him without seeking out any resources to verify natural causes ... Anam doesn't do that.  We always look for the natural source first.  So let's all wish Bob well on his journey to find out what's going on with him.