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Wondering how to get into all this weirdness? Please scroll through all of this!

Anam Rules and Guidelines
  • The onsite lead investigator makes all decisions concerning the investigation. No investigation can be done without a lead involved.  All questions from the media, police and others are to the lead investigator only.
  • Do not attempt to go off on your own unless given the ok.  If you wander away we are not legally responsible if you hurt yourself and you'll be asked to wait out the remainder of the investigation at the vehicles.
  • All investigations must be performed in a courteous and professional manner.   All investigators are to respect the site of investigation - No pranks or practical jokes.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs used during OR prior to an investigation. What you do is all on you, but don't do it where it can affect the team or the outcome of evidence.
  • Never whisper if you need to say something and all bodily functions must be announced so that I don't spend hours analyzing a bad Taco Bell night (no offense to Taco Bell intended).  Just say outloud that you did it. No one really cares LOL
  • All the smokers will have to band together for break time and stay far from the cameras.
  • Reports must be turned in by each member that attended within one week. The online form is available 24/7, and this is a required part of being with Anam.
  • You must have Facebook, since that is the main way in which we communicate and plan our events within a closed group.  You are not required to be FB friends with the team members, just be in the group.
  • Please be able to maintain calm if frightened or startled. We really don’t want to have to chase you all over the place to calm you down.
  • Even though this is volunteer work, we take our team and professionalism very seriously.  Flake out a bunch and we can't rely on you at all.  Blow off meet ups and there's a good chance that you'll be asked to step down. 
  • If you are found to be faking evidence or setting up a situation to gain false evidence you'll be removed from the group, no 2nd or 3rd warning.

  • Researchers: You must have a computer and internet in order to be able to really roll out some research.
Stuff to Consider:
  • The team consists of a mixture of scientific based investigators, as well as PSI based investigators. As a member of Anam, you are not required to believe in the existence of ghosts … but we do expect you to respect the beliefs of the others, as they will respect yours. Keep an open mind. We all have different methods in researching, in the field, and in our personal lives.

  • The Fun Factor. I want everyone to remember that we do this because we love it. We WANT to have fun. But there are times to stop the fun and begin to be serious. In the field, let's all laugh and enjoy ourselves, if no one's evidence is being destroyed because of it. The people that enjoy talking while investigating can group together, and those who wish to have silence for the recording and such can group together.  We want to smile and have fun, but we are also determined to maintain our professionalism. If a founder or team leader asks you to tone down the jokes and get serious, it's not because we are no fun. This isn't a sightseeing tour ... this is science.

  • We expect anyone on our team to remember that this is an unproven part of science. We do nothing to force any other team to our views of how this should be done, and we expect they won’t try to push their ways on us. We maintain a professional peace with all other teams and investigators, no matter what. There will be NO quibbling over right or wrong … no one has yet found a repeatable and proven right method yet. Our goal is to add to the growing pool of evidence only, and hopefully get something great in the process!

  • We expect every person asking to join to know that we are 100% nonprofit!

  • Also know that we will guard your privacy and you may choose how the internet sees you on our site if you are chosen to be a member of Anam.  This includes meeting nervous spouses, parents, friends, etc. to assure them you'll be safe

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