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The Equipment

This is not the full listing of everything investigators use ... but hopefully will give you an idea of where to start in your own endeavors.

A temperature gauge of some kind is necessary for professional investigations. Phenomena will often read at a temperature different from that of the normal air around you. Going into an investigation, you should be testing the air in locations as you approach the site. Know what the weather on site is expected to be, and make a note of what temperature your gauge is reading at BEFORE starting an investigation. Knowing the normal ambient air temp will help you to identify whether what you see it reading at is normal or abnormal. A temperature drop or rise of up to 10 degrees is expected outdoors because of wind and air movement around you. Indoors, you want to take in consideration if the thermostat is on inside, are you near a hot water heater? Simple things like that, which can be overlooked easily, will alter your readings and make you falsely think that you have temperature anomalies happening.

First thing to look for in a temperature reader is a digital display. This will register the readings MUCH faster than simple mercury rising or falling in some simplistic readers. A light up digital display is preferred for this field of study. That way you can check up on the temp readings without fondling your teammates for a flashlight. ((*Side note* Feeling up your guests and teammates will not earn you respect, only a perverts claim to fame. )) What ever temp reader you choose, look at the batteries it uses (for economic reasons) and whether it is easily held in one hand. 

Electromagnetic Field reader - Ghosts will emit a magnetic reading that cannot be felt by your skin or senses very well. One thing to really be careful of when you use this piece of equipment is the assumption that any small fluctuation is a ghost. Many first time users of an EMF start flipping out if it jumps by 0.021. Just because fluctuations happen does NOT mean that phenomena is happening. The same as you would with the temp reader; you want to take a preliminary reading around the area. See what the normal magnetic readings are for that area ... and keep it in mind. If you are near power lines it will be higher. If the normal reading for an area is 213 mg... and your EMF jumps to 616 then look around and find out if you are near magnetic surfaces, power lines etc. If you aren't ... then you can safely say you had a valid EMF phenomena reading. What you are looking for mostly is something that reads much higher in Milligauss than the normal reading for that area and can exclude real life living world sources for it. Some small fluxes are completely normal as you walk around, and certain areas of a location - or certain rooms indoors - will have different readings than you first started out. The important thing to remember here is that you want to repeat the reading and make SURE it was a ghost, and not a natural or normal fluctuation. Do not purchase anything that only shows a little red light if you're near something magnetic. That will tell you nothing about the phenomena. When doing this for the sake of proving life after death, you can't necessarily report just "the red dot lit up". Find something that will show you actual readings. 

Cell phones now have Apps you can download ... just search your play store for EMF and see which one you like using. This used to be a very pricey peice of equipment and is not readily gained for free or cheap. Yes, what you buy online will be far advanced and much more accurate. But for the basic starter, a smartphone app does the job!

Go down to Wal-Mart. Ask for a hand held recorder. Buy it for under $20. Done. Pretty much any recorder will work here ... and don't let the experts tell ya different!! If you want some of the more subtle voices and harder to hear voices, then you'll need to upgrade. But for basic recording purposes, any little recorder will do. The difference in getting EVP is not really in the equipment, unless you are VERY professional ... but in the software you use to filter out the noise. 

Again, thank the gods for Smartphones because you can now just record on those, having them safely in a hand and not in a pocket rubbing on fabric LOL But, I digress, if your phone doesn't have a sound recorder, Play store has one called Easy Voice Recorder that gives you very clear and sharp recordings and will run for hours upon hours with the right SD card.

I don't personally believe it matters what kind of camera you use. 35 mm has great success over the years by various hundreds of investigators ... and the same can be said for digital cameras. The shutter speed is what the difference is. A normal 35 mm camera will capture things that that digital cannot, and a digital will capture what the average 35 mm cannot. It's all a matter of personal preference. At any rate, choose a camera that is easy to use, and has a wrist strap so you don't drop and break it. You'll want to read the instruction manual to know the ins and outs of your particular camera ... and always make sure you have spare batteries!

I don't recommend using a cell phone camera unless your cell phone has flash ability on it and damned good pixels. The costs of a normal little digital camera have substantially lessened over the years so this one won't break the bank to run to Walmart and grab one.

I've seen lots of other stuff used in the field ... dowsing rods, ion detectors, special 'ghost talking' machines, etc. Not having found success with use of a lot of these, or lack of experience with them in general, I don't feel qualified to really do a write up on them.
But google search is your best friend :-) You can find a LOT out about what different teams are using, and then use what you feel comfortable with.