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Ghost Voices?

In the equipment section, we went over very briefly what kind of recorder to use. Once you are listening to them, you want to kind of memorize the sound of the environment and those voices of talking that is you and your teammates. Once you've figured that out, then the listening should be nice and easy. Pop on some headphones, crank the volume up, and listen to your recording from beginning to end. 

When we did our Ghost Bridge investigation the normal noise for that area was the moos of the millions of cows out there. 2 whole tapes of MOOO MOOOOOO. Very irritating to listen to, by the way. But we knew then, that listening to the tape, that anything moo sounding was not a ghost. Once you have your recording, you then want to start analyzing it. A simple program to reduce the noise and hear the words more clearly is a good start. You can start with Ace of Wav ... it does the basics of reducing noise and background hissing left over by the wheels of the recorder turning. There is also Cool Edit for a price and a lovely little free program called Audacity. You can google any of them and download what you like.

When you are analyzing your tape and sounds, you need to listen very closely. Much of the voices will be whispers or very hard to hear. Make certain that you know which voices are yours and your team mates. One big problem when analyzing is the mistaken ghost. While investigating, let's say that you lean over and whisper something to someone in your team. When you are analyzing, you hear whispers, but don't recall having whispered. This is a pretty common mistake. Which is why it is so important to be careful during the recording phase.

Don't whisper to each other. If someone says something more than 2 feet away, mark down that they did that, so that it wont sound like a far away voice when you are listening to it. Any sounds that pass by or happen during recording, mark them down as well. Cars passing, motorcycles, a bird squawking. All of these may confuse you during the analyzing process. Keep your recording as pure as you can, and eliminate mistaken 'ghosts' before they happen.

Another way to keep your tape sounds known to you is to make a point of saying what's happening into the recorder. If you are leaving it for half an hour by itself with no people there, say so and mark the time down. When you pick it back up, state that into the recorder. The less confusion about what sounds are what, and you'll have a much easier time of things.

It also may be that you need to keep a record of your body's noises. Sorry if I offend anyone here ... if you or someone with you expels some gas either through the mouth or the other orifice, state it on the recorder. This is for your own sanity ... you may hear a slight growing or other odd sound and spend the next hour trying to analyze a fart. Just deal with the embarrassment and state what you or someone else did clearly into the recorder. Trust me on this one.

It's also not a bad idea to get some fresh ears in there if you're having trouble identifying a word, voice, noise or sentence. One person can only listen to and hear so much ... get other opinions of what you think you've got. As we've discovered, there are many times where you think you've got something and then a new set of ears can hear it differently, or count it out by telling you what it actually was. That's ok, when it happens. No one get's EVP all the time. It's a waiting game, really, and holding on to hope that you can capture some evidence. But if you turn up empty handed, don't worry about it.

Anything that cannot be explained away through all common sense and reason, anything that is obviously not you or your team or the area causing a noise or voice ... well then, count yourself as the owner of an EVP!

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