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Haunt or Hoax?

​I've been doing this for a LOT of years .... In all my research, I noticed that every state has the story of a baby that drowned in the creek or river below a bridge, and now you can park your car on that bridge, turn off the lights and suddenly :BOOM: hand prints on your car and a baby weeping sound can be heard. And the Gates of Hell can be found in every state. Yeps ... that hell sure has a LOT of gates and doors to get in! While researching all of this, I figured that the 'ghost stories' and haunting lists must be more carefully gone over. Obviously these kinds of ghost stories are more an urban legend than an actual haunting. Here is a quickie guide to figure out a true haunting from a hoax, or urban legend.

Real Thing? If you turn off your lights and wait ... This usually means urban legend. True ghosts won't care if your car is on or off. And lights play no part in how strongly the ghost will approach you. Although it's easier to capture photos in the darkness ... and let's face it, it adds to the ghostly atmosphere ... the ghosts themselves don't usually care if your lights are on or off.

The Gates of Hell ... or The Devil Himself ... I, personally, do not believe in the bogeyman, and neither should any of us. If Hell exists, why would Mr. Satan put little doorways and gates to it all over the world? Think about this from a logical standpoint. Hell is the place for sinners and damned souls, according to all the religious myths. It is not the place for curiosity seekers only. If you hear of a haunted place that's only claim to fame is that Satan or the gates of Hell exist there, I suggest you chalk it off as an urban legend.

It totally really happened ... Anyone who has to ensure you repeatedly that it really happened is usually making things up. Really ... I SWEAR! Really!!

This friend had this friend who ... Didn't we all learn this lovely lesson way back in Jr. High? A friend of a friend told this person that their cousin's uncle's boyfriend's sister had this ghost story ... Need I say more about this one?

And then, from nowhere ... Someone printing, publishing, or telling a ghost story will often to need to dress up the words to make them seem easier to swallow for the readers. Certain things are expected in this kind of telling. But if someone is over dramatizing everything about the haunting, then chances are that it's nice and fake. "And like a wisp of wind through my hair, the spirit caressed our souls." Anyone doing real investigations and data will not resort to purely dramatic sentences like this. Not every haunting will be reported with flair ... some are quite boring and simple, in fact. Any group that insists that each one is 100% fantastic and full of mysteries and never has an investigation that just had a ghost and that's it - well, these people are just looking for attention, and not into reporting the truths of what was seen and felt. Do not trust anyone who does not have varying results of their investigations.

Well, no one else but us could get it but ... This one is simple ... any group claiming that they are the only people capable of capturing evidence on a certain site is full of BS and phooey on them! This field is not about whose camera is bigger and who's photos are nicer ... this is about investigation. Plain and simple. There should be no need to compete with other groups to get the evidence. Nor any reason to bash other groups to get in good with owners of a place.

You wont see anything unless you follow these exact steps ... Ok .. similar to above ones, but we've recently been hearing of rumored hauntings even MORE intricate and full of steps to follow than ever around here. It seems that you have to go into this one cemetery, take off your shoes, walk barefoot over a certain area and wait for the hand to touch you. Then you have to say certain words, make certain to stand facing a certain way, and then you have to place one hand over your heart ... ok .. um NO. This is just silly, people, and please don't listen to this type of hogwash. Some ghosts do react better to some things, some ghosts like to be asked permission before snapping a photo ... some just want you to be quiet and they don't like noise. But if it's getting THIS detailed, just turn around and go home. No matter what color shirt you wear, or what socks you wear, or saying key phrases, etc ... just forget it, pack up and go rent a movie. We recommend The Frighteners or something cute like Around the World in 80 Days.

I'm world famous, so you have to go with me ... This is another recent one. It's similar to groups suggesting that only they can get evidence at a certain location. Very simply put here - Don't believe this. First of all, if anyone has to bill themselves as world famous, chances are that they aren't, but want to make themselves out to be big important people. Don't follow these people around and encourage this type of paranormal competition. Any location that's haunted can be visited as long as it's legal to do so, and you don't have to have someone famous with you to get it done.

Thanks for listening to this ranting of mine. Remember, believe in yourself. Don't believe in stories and don't believe in large tales. Make up your own mind about what the paranormal truly is, and whether a location is haunted. You are the only one you need to convince of anything.

~ Drea Penndragon