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Keeping it Legal

Let's face it, not everyone is running around out there getting all the right permission forms signed, and heck there's a lot of people and teams simply breaking in and climbing fences.  Anam strongly discourages this type of thing for several reasons.
You make the rest of us look like whack jobs, srsly, stop that crap!
You can be arrested and some counties and states will look forward to doing just that!
​You cannot build a name as a good team with professional standards without doing it legally.
​And ya cut that crap out! You're making us all look bad. Srsly!

So how do you keep it legal and make your team look awesome?​
It’s easy to see a listing of haunted places and just hop in your car and go out there. I get it, it’s easy! But without keeping your entry to that land or building legal, then you taint your own name every time you do it. Instead try to gain that entry legally, and respectfully. Do your research and find out who to talk to in order to get those permissions.  

Below I’ve included blank copies of some of the forms we use … download and enjoy them! Get your permissions ahead of time and keep it legal, cause ya …. Stop making the rest of the paranormal world look like breaking and entering jackasses Kthnxbai!

Just download to your computer and enjoy!