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Newbie Starter Guide

Remember the following rules of politeness when getting ready to go out

1. Always remember you are in someone’s home or property so be properly respectful
2. Take account of the acoustics of echo in that building while listening to EVP
3. Images shot towards windows or mirrors will reflect back
4. Remember you are not the only person there – share your instincts with your team
5. Loudly laughing and talking doesn’t only kill your own EVP, but your teams EVP. So keep personal chatter with the people who own the place to a minimum.  


1. While in a cemetery ... The place your feet land belongs to the dead – respect them.
2. Each grave is sacred to the family that buried them; do NOT use the stones for your ashtrays, cup holders, etc.
3. Horseplay, practical jokes, and pranks are disrespectful to the dead that remain in a cemetery
4. The law enforcement officials have every right to ask you to leave – fighting against them will only land you in jail.
5. In remote areas, never go alone. Take a buddy for safety.
6. Never break in anywhere, and never trespass.
7. Consider weather conditions when listening to EVP and reviewing photos. Snow, dust on the wind will cause false ‘orbs’, and wind whistling into the recorder will sound like heavy breathing.
8. Stay with your team at all times, or at least where you can be seen or heard easily.

The Big No No List
1. Never EVER fight with officials, owners of the land or building, or the officers who come to make you leave. This should be obvious! Just don't do it. If they say no, it means NO. You should have gotten permission to be in any location. Keep it legal! Even open location (as we mark them) will still have gate or park hours, and limitations at certain times.  

2. Never assume you have a ghost voice or photo until you have eliminated ALL other possible reasons for it being on there. Flying off the handle and assuming will only make you look foolish and impulsive. This is science ... not a freak show.

3. Never investigate a place expecting to see something in particular. You can hope ... and you can say that others have seen it ... but never assume you will as well. Mind set has a lot to do with what you see when you get there. So keeping your mind neutral and calm will produce more that you can imagine in the way of evidence.

4. Never compete with members of your own team, or the other people on investigation ... it is a negative emotion to envy what they get or receive, and it will make it much harder for you to get the evidence you wish for. 

5. Never investigate drunk or drugged out ... I shouldn't even have to tell you why!

6. Don't assume anywhere that another team has gone is safe to go into on your own. Some teams get permission to be there from the authorities in charge of that place. Just because you see it on another website, doesn't mean it's free roam. Email the people who went there and ask in advance if you can get that contact information.

7. Do not write to other groups to tell them how much better you thought you did than they did ... creating enemies isn't a very good way to get a professional reputation. Competing with the teams in your area or state isn't going to accomplish anything, and is a massive waste of time and energy that could much better be spent on all kinds of things.

8. Never, ever, create or alter evidence to point to something that never really happened. You tamper with your photos and EVP and those groups you called friends will loose all respect for you. If you want to get attention in this field, do it through good honest work ... not lies.

Where Do I Go & What Do I Do?

Where do I go?
A few places you may find ghosts:
* Cemeteries
* Schools
* Battlefields
* Hotels
* Hospitals
* Historic Locations
* Um ... pretty much anywhere!

Just remember to have permission to be there. Don’t go off half cocked and expect people to just look the other way. The police won’t ignore you …

Do Your Homework!

Find out everything you can about the property and its history:
* The address
* Former residents
* Current residents
* Former owners
* Current owner

Don't automatically assume that the current resident is also the owner. See if anyone else has researched the property. Look for the deed or title to the property; this will be filed with the County Recorder. Just where can I find information about the property? Ask current/former residents, current/former owners, neighbors, church and cemetery records, public library, historical societies, the county recorder office (under government pages in the local phone book), and public utilities and Motor Vehicle registration offices where allowed.

What to Bring for Common Sense
  • A first aid kit ... just think about running about with no band aids and someone trips on a big rock and gashes themselves open. Trust me, first aid kits in your trunk rock.
  • Cell phone ... emergency calls might happen
  • Food and Water for overnight trips, or long long drives.
  • Baggies for evidence, in case you get lucky enough to come across some etoplasm or what nots - don't laugh! It might happen!  Don't judge me for my hope! LOL

Keep in Mind
  • Some basics that some investigators never think of ... but will ruin the investigation or data
  • If the place will be pitch black and unfamiliar ... go first in the daytime and scope it out to avoid broken bones. Endangering your teammates ... not a good idea.
  • Check out the trespassing signs, and make certain you are not violating the law ...and if police show up, you simply smile, say "Yes Sir/Ma'am" and move your happy butt on it's way. Fighting law enforcement is a ticket and fine, and possibly jail time ... don't try it. And if the property is restricted or private, make sure you contact the correct person or persons and ask them if you can please be in there taking pictures and such at night.
  • In small towns, it's sometimes a good idea to inform the local police that you've gotten that permission so that you don't have hassle later on.
  • Make sure you bring your ID ... I don't need to elaborate on this one do I??
  • No smoking while shooting pictures ...many investigators do this, and come up with hundreds of shots of 'ghostly mist' ... which when examined is so obviously cigi smoke around the camera. So, if you want real paranormal pictures, be smart and let the smokers do their thing on 'break times' and only by the cars, and no equipment out when breaks happen.
  • If it's snowing or raining, almost every image will show what appears to be 'orbs'. Delay your investigation to a clear night, when none of your data will be questioned.
  • Never go alone ... especially out into the middle of nowhere's-land. If you fall and break a leg, who will help you? If your car gets stranded ... how will you get home?
  • Never go into investigation with a certain mind-set on what you expect to find. If you walk in thinking, "Pft, nothing's going to be here" I wouldn't be surprised if nothing shows up for you. If you walk in saying, "Ok, in exactly four minutes, we should see a blink" then guess what! Your subliminal mind will see a blink out of the corner of your eye. Keep your mind open and neutral to what ever might happen, instead of only what the stories tell you should happen.
  • This one is SO obvious I feel silly stating it, but here goes ... NO drugs or drinking before investigation or on investigation.

Additional Info Some Like to Do Too
  • Say a group/individual prayer to your god/goddess/Buddha etc for protection if you feel the need.
  • Keep an open mind; any negative feelings may drive the spirits away. Be respectful of the locations and the dead.
  • Be skeptical; look for causes for any phenomenon such as natural or man-made causes. As an investigator you have to make sure your final evidence will stand up to scrutiny. By eliminating all other explanations, your evidence becomes stronger proof.
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne or anything else with a very noticeable scent. This is so someone does not mistake the smell for a supernatural occurrence. Spirits often use scents and smells to get our attention.
  • Make sure you let someone know where you will be so they will know in case of emergency.

This is only the tip of what to expect out there.... but good luck!
Happy Hunting...and BE SAFE!

TL:DR?  We have a very bare bones basic tutorial video for all this too!: